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Historic Plates Registration

Club members who would like to apply for Historic registration can do so by completing the online application form.

Historic Plates Application Form

Members already on the scheme who may be planning to attend an event NOT on the clubs official calendar then you must advise the Club Plates Registrar prior to the event by completing the online request form.

Please submit 5 photos from your mobile phone, When sending emails avoid using email signatures.

This request will take 2 weeks to process
Cars with non Ford motors need not apply.

Historic Plates Usage Request
Over the last thirty to fourty years the humble Cortina, Escort, Capri and Anglia have been amongst Fords' most popular cars. Whilst being basic in design by today’s standards they are practical, affordable, adaptable and good looking. The sportier versions have won some of the most prestigious motor racing and rallying events in the world.

There isn’t much not to like about small Fords.

The Small Ford Car Club of N.S.W. is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enhancement of all Australian and European designed small Fords.

As well as catering for Anglia’s, Capri’s, Cortina’s and Escort's, we also cater for the Sierra models and all the collectables such as Twin Cam Escorts, Lotus Cortina’s, GT’s and RS2000’s.

Modern small fords such as Laser's, Probe's, Meteor's, Fiesta's and Focus's are also welcome, infact any early or late model small ford is welcome at the Small Ford Car Club of N.S.W.

Like to join the Small Ford Car Club of N.S.W?

Please direct any additional enquiries to

Welcome to the Small Ford Car Club of N.S.W

The Small Ford Car Club of N.S.W is part of the Historic Club Plates Registration Scheme.

Historic registration is available to club members with vehicles which qualify for the scheme.
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Historic Plates Application & Renewal
The Small Ford Car Club was formed in 1990 by a group of enthusiasts who owned Cortina's, Escort's and Capri's. They all shared a common interest in restoring, modifying and enhancing their cars.

The club has steadily grown since then and now holds regular displays, social events, club runs and track days.

We also attend other shows like the All British Day and the annual All Ford Day at Eastern Creek in Sydney.

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We invite you to attend one of our meetings and welcome you to join the Small Ford Car Club.

Club meetings are held on the first wednesday of every month (excluding January) at 7.30pm, in the Function Centre (upstairs).

Revesby Workers Club
2B Brett St, Revesby
NSW 2212

Dress regulations apply.
Do you own an Escort, Capri, Cortina, Anglia, Sierra, Laser, Focus or Fiesta?

Are you interested in restoring, enhancing, modifying or racing your small Ford?

Would you like to attend shows, displays, social runs or participate in motorsport events?

Then we invite you to attend one of our meetings and welcome you to join The Small Ford Car Club of NSW. The cost of membership is $50.00 per year, payable in July, while a discounted rate is available for new members joining after December.

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